About us

Mario Aresi was born in Brignano Gera d'Adda, BG where he lives and works.

Carver, printmaker and painter young age he attended the School of Art Treviglio under the guidance of Prof. G. Belotti, then attended the courses qualified dell 'Accademia Carrara of Bergamo.

He has exhibited in numerous exhibitions in Italy and abroad, winning numerous awards.

From birth to the "mobile sculpture-painting", sculpture and massive revolutionary idea of the architectural-sculptural, painting, in that chase, full of ideas, signs and colorful images created through the use of various types of wood natural.

Essences that give shape and color and they are put together in a harmony of lines and poetry turning mobile into a work of art.

Davide Aresi Born in 1979, son of Art, carver and creative.

Under the guidance of his father Mario falls in love with Aresi Mobile Classic, always aiming to research and to the renewal of the lines.

Biker entuasiasta (especially Harley Davidson) finds a way to combine the love for their work to motorcycles, thus creating the Mobile Kustom, where the rigid but elegant aesthetic of the Mobile Art blend into the Kustom Kulture, and sparkling psychedelic culture which is instead of the way.